Warmables Lunch Pack Review and Giveaway [CLOSED]

So you have fed your baby organic baby food.
And you gave your toddler only the best from your kitchen.
Now your kid is going to school and you are stuck with PB&J’s, cold pasta and fruit cups.
Not anymore.
You can now use WARMABLES and send your child to school with a warm, home cooked meal.
WARMABLES is a highly effective heat source consolidator; it keeps food warm for 4-6 hours.

I was so excited to hear about the Warmables Pouch. I couldn’t imagine not using it now. It is great. My kids usually eat lunch at school because I like them to have a variety of food. Not to mention, a HOT meal once in a while instead of always taking a Peanut Butter sand which all the time. I love that I can now send my kids to school with a hot home cooked meal and know that it will still be warm by lunch time. Now they can get a healthy school lunch everyday. I even tested it out myself. As well as my husband. I had to run to town one day and knew that I wouldn’t have time to get lunch. That didn’t matter since I know have my Warmables Pouch. I took left over pasta along and it was like I just heated it up. It was so good. I also sent my husband off with it to work. He loved having something different for lunch that day. He usually get’s a sand which on the way to work. This was a nice change. Our only problem is that we have to share this one. We will have to get more. LOL I definitely recommend getting a few sets of these for any home!


I really like sending healthy school lunch with my 10 year old to school.  But up until now I have been really limited in what I could send.  It all had to be cold.  But then Warmables sent me their Warmables for kids to review.  Now I can send hot lunch for him everyday!  This is especially nice because it is still so nice and warm when he gets it out for lunch at school.  And he loves having some hot homade lunch for a change.  And now I have a great meal for him from our left over dinners (that makes preparing his lunches easier).  This is such a great idea and I am so glad Warmables thought of it!


I received the warmables pouch and couldn’t wait to try it! I love the fact that it comes with it’s own microwave safe container and the heatable cherry pit pouch that can be used over and over. I was a little skeptical at first BUT it really does work! I love heating up my daughters milk to store in the container in case we are out and about. My daughter will usually only drink her sippy cup of milk if it’s warm and this was perfect! The pouch fit great into my diaper bag and was easy to carry around with us. I really like that the warmables pouch and cherry pit pouch are both easy to clean. I love that we can make something and take it with us so Leah can eat it later. I will definantly be using mine all the time!

Z My husband brings his lunch to work almost every day. Usually that consists of a sandwich, fruit cup, granola bar, etc. Nothing homemade or warm. Now that we got to try out the Warmables pouch, his lunches are healthier, and yummier! I was really amazed at how well it worked. I tried it out at home just to test it, and was very pleased with the results. I packed a lunch of leftovers, then put it in the warmables pouch and left it on the counter for the morning. It was way past lunch time by the time I had the kids fed and was able to sit down to eat my lunch, but the food was still warm! I also had my husband try bringing it to work, and he loved it. It’s also so easy to use- put the food in the container, microwave it, then inside of the warmables pouch, then pack it in your lunch! Simple! We will be getting a lot of use out the warmables pouch in our household!

Things that are Brag Worthy…

  • Send your kids to school with a hot healthy lunch every day
  • Save money by sending left overs rather than buying a school lunch
  • Great for parents too ~ take a hot meal to work every day
  • Keeps food warm for up to 4-6 hours
  • Comes with a 16 oz. container that doesn’t leak
  • Affordable ~ Only $27.95 per set
  • Made in the USA

Warmables gets Bragging Rights!

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