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Zoodles ensures your child’s safety by only allowing them to visit web pages that have been pre-approved by our team of educational experts. This means that your child can only interact with the highly engaging and educational content selected by Zoodles and is blocked from visiting any other pages. If your child clicks on a link to another page, they will be brought safely back to their Playground to select another game.


I was very excited when I was introduced to Zoodles.com because online safety for kids is VERY important to me.  I am very impressed with Zoodles, they have completely designed this browser with kids in mind.  The login screen shows pictures so even non readers can tell which account is theirs vs. their bro or sisters.  Then once your child logs in their account is made specifically for their age.  Like a 3 year olds account is going to have less options vs. a 7 year olds who will have more advanced settings and options.  They have so many fun and educational online games.  It is nice because your child can’t exit out to your browser and delete the beloved family photos, or change all your computer settings. But best of all I love knowing the kids are safe while playing on the computer.  You don’t have to worry about them being exposed to anything but good quality educational content!


Things that are Brag Worthy:

  • Kid safe browser Turn off that TV and let them pick and choose the games that interest them the most. All of the games are educational and age appropriate. They are hand selected by Zoodles’ early education team.sliders

  • Parental Settings Limit their exposure to certain characters and brands by blocking content from unwanted sites and shows.

  • Ad Blocking Protect them from harmful and inappropriate ads found on third-party ad_blockingwebsites, including advertisements for Playboy, home mortgages, and violent video games.

  • Educational Settings Encourage them to excel academically in any subject. Fill their Playground with fun, educational games that develop skills in the subject of your choice.parental_reports

  • Parental Reports Learn about their latest skills and interests through weekly email updates and detailed reporting in your Zoodles Parent Dashboard.


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 Zoodles.com gets Bragging Rights!


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