Free Chore Chart to Teach Kids Responsibility ~ Review is an excellent online resource that provides a variety of free solutions for personal success that are easy to use and can help bring more focus, balance and fulfillment into everyday living. We especially love their simple-to-use Chore Chart, which can help children of all ages learn essential skills in a fun and rewarding way.


This FREE Chore Chart can help teach kids, tweens & teens many important lessons, including:

  • Responsibility; A Chore Chart is an ideal way to help your kids feel like they are making a contribution to their family by doing their part around the house. Behavior_Charts_Gallery_Image
  • Understanding right from wrong; Setting behavior goals is an important way to help children strengthen their character and judgment.
  • Healthy Habits; Teaching good habits involving nutrition and physical activity are the cornerstone of prevent obesity in children and adolescents.
  • Money Matters; The optional point system teaches children three important lessons for managing money; earning, spending and saving. 

I have been loving and have been using it with 12 year old C and 4 year old Bug.  Each child was excited to set up their chart. They have really fun designs for the charts that you can customize for your child, tween or teen so that they will be excited about it.


We got to pick a fun theme for each boy, then we choose the behavior, responsibilities, and goals for each child.  I love that there are so many choices and I was easily able to find the best goals and responsibilities for each child that were age appropriate. 


The kids love being able to check off (or get stickers) for each item they accomplish.  Probably their favorite thing is the Moolah.  Moolah is an option where you give your child points for each item they complete.  Then the moolah is stored in a moolah bank (or rewards section for the older kids) and they can spend it on rewards that you set up for them.  Since using these charts and rewards systems I have seen a huge improvement in both kids. 

I have even been using the To Do List for myself and it has helped me to stay on track and get a lot more accomplished each week.

I love that it is all so easy to use.  I highly recommend using with your kids and for yourself! Sign up for your FREE account today and start seeing the benefits! gets Bragging Rights!


*I wrote this post on behalf of through Mom Select. All opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post.

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