Belletto Studio Air Brush Makeup Review


For anything from delicate techniques like eyebrow definition to heavier applications such as full body art, the Belletto Studio Airbrush System is your complete choice.

Welcome to the next generation of makeup:


  • Stainless Steel Airbrush Wand
  • Compact, portable, ultra quiet Compressor
  • Easy-push/pull 5.5 ft high-quality black rubber hose connector
  • Detachable airbrush holder •
  • Power adapter
  • Miniature wrench for wand maintenance and cleaning
  • Petite liquid dropper
  • Wand Storage Case
  • One-year standard manufacturer’s warranty on complete system, plus
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance on airbrush wand
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Tutorial DVD


Busy moms are, well, busy. I don’t have much time to think about extravagant makeup. Basic drugstore brands is about all I have time for. But what about when I want a little more? Belletto to the rescue! I need something relatively quick and easy, with a professional look. Belletto Studio AirBrush Makeup is a little bit of an investment, but soooo worth it. You can seriously airbrush your own make-up. In your own home. I looove that you can use it to apply your foundation, blush, even eye shadow! I had no idea. The colors were great- everything is in liquid form. You put a few drops into the wand and go. It is literally as easy as that. And I loved the way my  make-up stayed on- much longer than my regular make-up. Check out my before and after!



Things that are Brag Worthy:

  • Have make-up like the stars!
  • The next generation of make-up
  • Miniature wrench for wand maintenance and cleaning
  • One-year standard manufacturer’s warranty on complete system, plus Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and maintenance on airbrush wand
  • Powerful, ergonomic design for the ultimate airbrushing experience
  • Three adjustable air pressure settings

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Belletto Studio Air Brush Makeup gets Bragging Rights!

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  1. Sandy Curl says:

    If you use a green tint base under your make-up it will remove all of the red undertones that the makeup is not covering.
    I have the Belletto system as well and love it.
    You have very pretty blue eyes.

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