Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System Review

Born Free’s Tru-Temp™ Bottle Warming System is designed to safely warm breast milk and formula. Easy-to-read dial gauge is easy to operate, and removable, insulated cooler feature keeps two bottles cool for up to 8 hours for convenient nighttime feeding.”bornfreebottlewarmer1

As you all know by now, Born Free is the bottle system I use for my baby girl.  I was ecstatic when I learned of their new Born Free Bottle Warmer.

I love that the design is stainless steel and looks great sitting out on my counter, it also matches the Bottle Sterilizing system.

Right now I am still breastfeeding my baby girl but I do leave her with babysitters occasionally for date nights and appointments.  When I leave her I leave refrigerated breast milk for the sitter to use.  Up until now we have been warming the bottle in the sink in warm water.  What a pain, it takes forever and never really gets to the right temp for baby.  But now that we have the Born Free warmer it is so easy to warm baby’s bottle perfectly and quickly every time!


You start by filling the water reservoir then place baby’s bottle inside the warmer.  Press the power button, then choose how many ounces you are warming, next choose the home icon (for room temp milk) or snowflake icon (for refrigerator temp milk).  Then press the power button again and the warming begins.  The light flashes to let you know it has started.  As the cycle warms the lights slowly go off until only the top light is on, then the cycle is complete.  I takes about 3 minutes to warm a 5 oz. bottle.


I have been using it for several weeks now and it has been so great.  It warms baby’s bottle perfectly each time.  It does all the work for me and I can spend more time with baby and less time warming bottles.  Once I switch to formula I will continue using this warmer so that baby will always have perfectly warmed bottles.

Another great feature is the cooler that fits on the back.  It comes with 2 fillable cooler sticks that fit perfectly in with 2 bottles.  It even has a carrying handle on the top.  This is so nice for on the go.  In fact I can drop off baby with 2 bottles that will stay cool until the sitter is ready to warm them.   (I must note that the cooler doesn’t connect completely to the warmer for travel, but it does connect once it’s on a counter top.)


Brag Worthy Features:

• Steam warming system safely warms breast milk and formula
• Removable , insulated cooler feature keeps 2 bottles cool for up to 8 hours, perfect for nighttime feedingbornfreebottlewarmer1
• Dial bottle size and temperature of liquid to eliminate guesswork
• Automatically calculates warming time
• Visual indicators count down time and indicate when bottle is ready
• Refill water just once a day with no measuring required
• Includes 2 cool packs
• Stainless styling matches home décor
• Warming program goal to achieve 104˚ F (40 ºC)
• Warms a 5 oz bottle in approximately 3 minutes
• BPA free

I highly recommend using the Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System! I love it!

You can see more info as well as where to buy this Bottle Warming System by visiting


Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System gets Bragging Rights!


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