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I absolutely love to shop! I love to look around and try things on. But sometimes its hard to get out without kids and so I decided to have a Utah home skirt party! I couldn’t wait for LuLaRoe to bring the shopping and party to me! I was able to review one of their cute new maxi skirts and couldn’t haveIMG_4453 IMG_4436been more pleased.

What is a home skirt party you might ask?

Well LuLaRoe is a company that will bring cute maxi skirts for women and little girls as well as blouses, colored jeans and sometimes even jewelry! IMG_4430IMG_4431

So to get prepared LuLaRoe sent me a flier with all the info for my party and I set to work. I set up a Facebook invite and also texted, called and sent fliers around. I also made it fun by letting everyone bring their kids to play and had yummy snacks!

IMG_4438I thought I had a great turnout andIMG_4439 all of my friends loved their skirts too! Each one of my friends bought 1 or 2 skirts and we all looked so stylish and cute in them! I also loved there selection of little girl maxi skirts and colored jeans. All of us decided to have a fun fashion show and then select which ones we really really wanted. I couldn’t decide so I picked up 3! You can also earn free skirts depending on how much is sold. I IMG_4442was able to earn one free skirt!

LuLaRoe” Is a company full of unique styles, modest, affordable, and wide variety of items for all ages of women. We add new items all the time for whats hot. We have over 25 years of experience.

Our hottest items now are the maxi skirts for all ages. We buy our maxi skirt fabrics in limited styles, patterns and quanity. Once, purchased, sewn & sold, the fabric choices are no longer availble. This gives us the creativity to offer a wide variety of products so that our clientele will want to come back for more.”

Right now LuLaRoe is setting up home parties in Utah and if your interested in doing one and want to earn free skirts for doing it depending on how many sold, please contact them at! You can also purchase cute skirts, blouses and colored jeans online.

Leah decided she also wanted to try one of the little girls ones on and she looked extra cute! We also figured out they can be worn as a dress with a cute cardigan!IMG_4444

LuLaRoe also sells really cute blouses!2013_02_19_01_41_13__60356_1361309180_220_2902013_02_19_01_49_51__23230_1361310537_220_290






LuLARoe Maxi Skirts and Home Parties gets Bragging Rights! Briann_Sig_Blue

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  1. I am having a Lularoe party soon and was trying to figure out what to say in my invite when I stumbled across your blog! Thanks for the info!

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