Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying Children’s App for iPad Review

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Leah is almost 5 and really loves to learn. I was so excited to get the Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying Children’s App to review and Leah couldn’t wait to play it.

IMG_5155I initially started out having Leah explore each game and then she wanted to go back and play a couple of her favorites. I noticed that her favorite game to play was the skink ball. So in Skink Ball you “Play a fun game by rolling the ball IMG_5157IMG_5158IMG_5159down the lane that matches the correct category. Earn a ticket and choose a prize after each game.” Leah loved it! She started to really get the hang of each game. Leah also really liked the game where you match up items and then get to feed the parrot! I think that this is a great educational app for kids. Photo May 15, 7 47 32 PM



“Welcome to Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying where children learn to name and classify 336 items in 15 different categories:

  • Animals
  • Bathroom
  • Clothing
  • Colors
  • Foods
  • Furniture
  • Instruments
  • Kitchen
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Uppercase Letters
  • Numbers 1-20
  • Shapes
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Transportation

Children get to tour Kangaroo Island in Australia and play six interactive activities while improving their vocabulary and classifying skills; basic concept knowledge; and listening and reading comprehension.

Six Interactive Activities:

  • Class-A-Roo – Help Sally the Kangaroo find her friends by choosing the Photo May 15, 7 43 16 PMcorrect item that goes with the category and putting it in her pouch.
  • Picking Parrot – Sort all the items into the correct Photo May 15, 7 45 05 PMcategories and then feed Paul the Parrot.
  • Skink Ball – Play a fun game by rolling the ball down the lane that matches the correct category. Earn a ticket and choose a prize after each game.
  • Photo May 15, 7 50 02 PMTurtle River – Put each turtle on the island with the correct category.
  • Koala Canvas – Help Cole the Koala identify the correct items in a category while painting a picture. Photo May 15, 7 51 09 PM
  • Seal Search – Find Cindy the Seal by choosing the item that does not belong from a group of four. Reveal a part of the hidden Photo May 15, 7 54 56 PMpicture with each correct answer.

Features of Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying:

  • Teach children to classify photos in 15 different categories.
  • Choose to teach one to five categories at a time.
  • Teach children classifying using text or photos.
  • Turn audio on or off.
  • Track and graph data for an unlimited number of children.
  • Document the items a child identifies incorrectly.
  • Email, print, and share results. “

I can’t wait for Leah to practice everything she has learned from this fun app! I also love that I can track Leah’s progress! Photo May 15, 7 56 37 PM







The Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying Children’s App can be found in the Itunes store or visit www.superduperinc.com to find out more information.


The Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying Children’s App gets Bragging Rights! Briann_Sig_Blue

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