{Brag Worthy Christmas} Surprise Ride Kids Subscription Box Review and Giveaway


We Were Founded on 3 Simple Principles… 1. KIDS ARE BRILLIANT. 2. CURIOSITY FUELS SUCCESS. 3. EVERYONE LOVES GETTING A SURPRISE IN THE MAIL. Through carefully curated monthly activities, Surprise Ride aims to foster creativity in kids and expand their horizons. With a little hands-on learning and a lot of fun, we help kids exercise that special power of creative genius that empowers them to be tomorrow’s innovators. There’s no better way for kids to learn than by doing. There’s {Read More}

Simply7 Snacks Quinoa Chips Review and Giveaway


We created Simply7 because of a distressing trend we noticed in our local grocery stores: food made with ingredients that most people don’t recognize and can’t even pronounce. Go to your pantry and see if your favorite products pass this test: Can you name the natural source of each ingredient? Do you know what you are really eating? Can you pronounce the ingredients on the label? I decided to create a company that makes sure that every ingredient in our {Read More}

{Brag Worthy Christmas} Fagor America Platino Plus Slow Juicer & Sorbet Maker Review and Giveaway


The Fagor Platino Plus is the latest innovation in the Slow Juicers category. Besides being a Slow Juicer it comes equipped with an additional component, the Dessert Drum, to create a delicious assortment of sorbet and other non-frozen treats such as banana pudding. It is completely BPA-Free and designed in a sleek black and gun metal grey color. The Platino Plus precisely extracts the most juice from your food, preserving more of the organic vitamins and nutrients in your juice. {Read More}

{BragWorthy Christmas} BayB Brand Baby Bean Bag Chairs.


I received a BayB Brand Bean Bag Chair for this review, all opinions are my own. I have a little toddler who is growing up but still needs naptime or quiet time. Charlotte is 3 and now refuses to take naps or quiet time. That is where the BayB Brand Bean Bag Chair comes in handy. I will sit Charlotte in the bean bag chair for 20 mins or so and she can read books or play quietly on her {Read More}

Bumblebean Holiday Giveaway, Over $5000 in Prizes!


This year we’re participating in an awesome Bumblebean Holiday Giveaway that we’d love to share with you all! Bumblebean is the destination for unique brands for moms and kids. They’ve put together a special holiday giveaway and scavenger hunt for parents to learn more about these great brands. You will have the chance to win one of three Bumblebean bundles with up to 35 prizes in each prize pack! They’ll be giving away over $5,000 worth of top baby and {Read More}

{BragWorthy Chrismas} Schleich animals are perfect for stockings!


I received an Animal Nursery and several animals from Schleich for this review, all opinions are my own. I first heard about Schleich Toys from one of my friends and neighbors. We were talking about really durable long lasting toys, especially animals and she told me I needed to check out Schleich toys. That is where my obsession began with Schleich toys! The reason why I love these animals and their toys in general so much is how durable and {Read More}

Three Twins Organic Ice Cream Review


I received several free Ice Cream Coupons for this review, all opinions are my own. My family loves Ice Cream, especially my girls. Charlotte and Leah are always asking for Ice Cream and they love to try all different kinds. One of their favorites that we tried was the Vanilla Bean Three Twins Organic Ice Cream. The Three Twins Organic Ice Cream uses fresh organic ingrediants with the base of sugar, eggs milk, cream and sweeten it with evaporated cane juice {Read More}

UHC.TV For Health and Happiness- Watch Their Video for a Chance to Win a $500 Visa® Gift Card


If you’re a mom {or dad}, or a just a snacker, you are probably always looking for new, healthy, delicious snacks. I know I am.   So what if I told you that you can watch a video on UHC.TV, learn about an easy, nutritious snack, and have a chance to win a Grand Prize of a $500 Visa® Gift Card or 4 Weekly Prizes of a $25 Visa® Gift Card? I’m sure you’d watch it. Who couldn’t use some {Read More}

{BragWorthy Christmas} My Pretend Place….Fun to Dress Up and Pretend!


I received a Fairy Rainy Day set for this review, all opinions are my own. It has been pretty yucky here lately. It is either really cold or that yucky snow/rain that we keep getting! I absolutely love the Fairy Set that we received from My Pretend Place. The Fairy Rainy Day set came with a cute Umbrella, Rain Jacket and Boots! I love that my girls can share this set. I decided to get the rain boots for Charlotte {Read More}

{BragWorthy Christmas} Build & Imagine using your imagination creatively + Giveaway!


I received several Build & Imagine sets for this review, all opinions are my own. My girls both love to build and use their imaginations. Leah especially is really getting into Construction type play toys. Leah and Charlotte could not wait to build their Build & Imagine sets. Sometimes I feel like their aren’t many girls construction sets but this one is perfect! Leah and I designed the house and built it together. It was really fun to see how {Read More}

{Brag Worthy Christmas} Packable Pails Review and Giveaway


Packable Pails are durable, collapsible silicone buckets made specifically for the beach! They fit easily into your suitcase or beach bag. Great for making sandcastles, collecting seashells, the backyard sandbox, serving snacks and more! Available online or at your favorite retailer. Steven Greenberg of Gadget Nation and the NBC Today show host Hoda Kotb labeled Packable Pails as “GENIUS!”   Why spend your vacation buying beach toys at high prices when you can bring them with you! Make sandcastles, collect seashells, perfect for the backyard {Read More}