{Brag Worthy Christmas } Brilliant Sky Toys & Books ~ Best Selection for Christmas Shopping For the Kids On Your List

I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas shopping.  I know you may think it is early but I highly recommend getting a lot of your shopping done before December even comes.  That way you can enjoy the holiday season and relax a little more.

There is a toy store that I have become very fond of that I want to tell you about.  Brilliant Sky Toys & Books.  They have a wonderful selection of fun products for kids.


They send me a couple of their award winning toys to let my son play with.


The first product is Doinkit Darts by Marky Sparky and it is so much fun for my son!  He was head over hills right when he saw it.  We hung it up on the wall in his play room and he has been having a blast with it since.


The darts are magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about any holes in your walls (or in your kids, yikes!).  They are child friendly and stick to the dart board really well.


The second item was the Lego® City Brickmaster by Penguin.  My little guy has really been getting into Legos so this was perfect for him.


It is in a book format with the Legos inside a pocket on the left when you open the book. And the right side (book side) has the instructions along with really cute comic book pages telling little stories about the Lego set you are making.20131010_15031620131010_150305

As you can see from these two toys they sent us, they have a great selection of quality toys to choose from!  I am really impressed with what I received from them.


“Step into Brilliant Sky Toys & Books and discover something different. Discover a retail experience unlike any other, with a focus on enrichment, enlightenment, and enjoyment. Explore an unparalleled spectrum of the finest, most developmentally sound playthings that the world has to offer. Interact with people whose sole mission is not just to satisfy our customers, but delight them. Enjoy our passion for play, our commitment to fun, and our dedication to helping every visitor find their way to play.”


Discover, experience, explore, interact, and enjoy. That’s the Brilliant Sky way, and it’s the way to play.


You can see if there is a store near you so you can go in and see first hand all the fun products they have to offer.


You can also learn more about the stores by visiting www.BrilliantSkyToys.com.

I highly recommend doing some Christmas shopping at Brilliant Sky Toys & Books for the kids on your holiday lists this year!


Brilliant Sky Toys & Books get Bragging Rights!

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